AREA Prepares Anderson School of Management Students for Careers

Anderson Real Estate Association pic

Anderson Real Estate Association

Ashcroft Capital founder Frank Roessler earned his MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in 2008. During his time there, Frank Roessler participated in both the Real Estate Association and the Finance Club.

At UCLA, the Anderson School of Management provides students with the education and support they need to become successful business professionals. In addition to challenging curriculum and experienced professors, Anderson students have access to an array of specialized clubs and professional groups, including the Anderson Real Estate Association, or AREA.

AREA helps students get a jump-start in their real estate sector careers through networking and self-promotion. Members learn about the industry, meet successful local professionals, and prepare for their post-grad job search. Enriching activities like job shadowing and as well as mentorship programs allow AREA members to get a real taste of the real estate world and form valuable partnerships early on.

Each year, AREA competes against teams from USC’s business school in a real estate proposal contest. Teams are assigned an existing property in the Los Angeles area, and asked to determine the best way to utilize that property. The winning team earns the prestigious silver shovel award from the sponsoring National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.


Asset Selection at Ashcroft Capital

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Ashcroft Capital

Managing Member and Founder of Ashcroft Capital, Frank Roessler oversees all aspects of operations. The firm acquires multifamily investments of 150 units or greater in several mid-cap MSA’s throughout the United States. Much of Ashcroft’s success comes from its careful analysis of established target markets. The company has identified three important metrics that predict whether a property will be appropriate for acquisition.

The first is identifying markets with moderate cap rates in order to return a strong annual preferred return to investors. Secondly, Frank Roessler and the other professionals behind Ashcroft look carefully at the economic growth in a given region before purchasing a property within it. The best MSA’s will show steady GDP growth, and preferably growth that outpaces the national average. Lastly, the submarket and comps are carefully reviewed and assessed to determine the desirability. If all three metrics are approved, only then will the company begin to consider properties for acquisition.