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What it’s Like to Work with Real Estate Investment Firms like Ashcroft Capital

Now more than ever, people are looking into real estate as a way to invest in the future. New to the industry, people look to invest in properties like houses, apartment units, commercial properties and other types, earning extra income to plan for retirement and send their children off to university. Some rely entirely on these earnings to pay off life expenses.


Real estate investments can offer steady cash flow and promise greater returns than you might make from conventional investments like stocks and bonds. The prospect is increasingly becoming more and more popular, especially with hassle-free options available for people looking to invest without having to worry about time, cost and the risks that come with owning an investment property. With multifamily property investment firms like Ashcroft Capital, you get the exposure you need to the real estate market, without having to manage or maintain your properties on your own.


Ashcroft Capital pic

Ashcroft Capital

Property investment companies like well-renowned Ashcroft Capital, a multifamily property investment firm, buy properties to make money from them. As an investor working with this company, you have the benefit of earning capital while knowing that your investment firm is taking care of the rest of the matters with a carefully devised strategy plan. This includes the selection process of your chosen property, dealing with paperwork, legal issues, managing the property, and more. In exchange for this, the firm or company receives a percentage of the investor’s monthly rent.




Ashcroft Capital prides itself on its rigorous methods, securing the best return on investment for its investors. The processes involve extensive research and evaluation, exceptional sourcing and structuring, an aggressive and disciplined approach managing assets, strategic and tactical risk mitigation, and finally, efficient and timely execution, while maximizing proceeds. Working with the experts will help you to understand market demands and can result in a long-term relationship as you build on your acquisition portfolio.


With most investment groups, the lease will be under the investor’s name and all of the units cover a portion of the rent, should there be any vacancies. This will ensure there are sufficient funds to pay the mortgage even when the unit is not occupied. There are several other ways of investing with a company; this, however, is the most common method.


Book a consultation with Ashcroft Capital to see if their strategy will help you to achieve your goals as an accredited investor. Company founder Frank Roessler and his team of experts can help you to successfully invest in properties with a tangible plan. As an investor working with a firm, you will gain more than predicted earnings.


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