Ways to Add Value to Multifamily Properties

Frank Roessler

Headquartered in New York City, the investment firm Ashcroft Capital was founded by California-based real estate investment executive Frank Roessler. After completing his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Frank Roessler worked with M&A Real Estate Partners as an acquisition associate and later as an asset manager. He established Ashcroft Capital in 2014.

Seeking to maximize returns for its investors, Ashcroft Capital adds value to its portfolio properties through moderate to extensive renovations. Particular upgrades that can significantly increase the value of multifamily properties include:

Exterior improvements

A multifamily property with plenty of curb appeal will create a good first impression on investors and prospective tenants. Exterior upgrades such as landscaping, signage, painting, and outdoor seating areas can greatly increase interest in the property.

New flooring

For multifamily properties with carpeted units, upgrading to tile, vinyl, or wood flooring can add significant value. These types of flooring give units a modern look, are much easier to clean and maintain, and are more durable in the long term.

Laundry facilities

Tenants are willing to pay extra for in-suite laundry facilities. If installing washing machines and dryers in every unit is not possible, a high-quality shared laundry room in the building can add a similar level of value.