UCLA Anderson Levine Program Promotes Affordable Housing


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UCLA Anderson
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Frank Roessler oversees the acquisition and sale of multifamily investments in major metropolitan areas as the founder of Ashcroft Capital in Westwood, California. Before starting his career, Frank Roessler graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Management. UCLA Anderson manages many real estate-related programs through the Richard S. Ziman Center for Real Estate, which administers the Howard and Irene Levine Program in Housing and Social Responsibility.

The program leverages ULCA’s academic authority and core public education standing to improve quality of life for members of the community by addressing critical, current housing issues, ranging from urban housing market challenges and housing policy to the needs and outcomes of households with limited incomes and workforces. Activities hosted by the program increase student awareness of these challenges and promote public dialogue for the betterment of society. Core components of the program consist of educational initiatives such as a graduate course in affordable housing, annual housing summit, and a housing and sustainability fellowship.

The program sponsors the UCLA Distinguished Speaker Lecture in Affordable Housing, which offers students the chance to hear from leading industry scholars, authorities, and policy makers. Lectures explore current trends and critical issues affecting the development and preservation of affordable housing in California.