Three Simple, Affordable Exterior Home Renovations that Add Value


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Home Renovations

With over a decades’ worth of experience in multifamily investments, Frank Roessler is the founder of Ashcroft Capital. In this position, Frank Roessler oversees the real estate investment firm’s operations, including value-adding interior and exterior home renovations.

Renovating the interior and exterior of a home can improve its appeal and significantly raise its value. Some exterior renovations that can add the most value to your home include:

i) The door
The door is one of the first things a visitor or potential buyer sees before entering your home. Small improvements such as repainting or magnetic weather stripping can make a home more appealing. Alternatively, you can consider replacing the whole door with a steel door. Steel doors are affordable, durable, and appeal to security-conscious home buyers.

ii) Siding 
Remodeling your exterior vinyl siding can make a home look brand new. You can add foam backing to the siding for durability or completely replace the vinyl siding with fiber cement siding, which though expensive, is tougher and offers better fire resistance.

iii) Landscaping 
Landscaping will add curb appeal to your home. Maintaining trees, bushes, and flower beds and embellishing your yard with easy-to-maintain plants can add significant value to your home.