Anderson School of Management MBA Program


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Anderson School of Management

Before beginning a career as an investment manager and founder of Ashcroft Capital, LLC, in Westwood, California, Frank Roessler attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where he studied electrical engineering. Frank Roessler also attended the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, California, where he earned an MBA in management.

The Anderson School of Management MBA program at the University of California Los Angeles features a nine-course core curriculum that gives students the foundation for building a career in management. Although first-year courses are required, students are free to decide the order in which the courses are taken.

Schedules from the second year on can be designed according to the student’s needs and lifestyle. The management program offers electives that can be tailored to individual career choices ranging from accounting and brand management to entrepreneurship, global management, and marketing analytics. The courses are designed to help students develop in-depth skills in their chosen area of focus as well as excel during internship and job interviews.


The Real Estate Specialization at the Anderson School of Management

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Real Estate Specialization

California-based Frank Roessler has nearly a decade of executive experience in the real estate investment industry as an investor, analyst, and marketing expert. Currently, Frank Roessler serves as the managing principal and founder of Ashcroft Capital in Southern California. In addition to his direct work experience, Mr. Roessler also holds an MBA degree from the Anderson School of Management where he specialized in real estate finance.

Located on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, the Anderson School of Management is a business institution of higher education that currently maintains a student body of over 700. The school offers MBA degrees with a variety of subspecialties which range from accounting and brand management to corporate finance and real estate.

The real estate concentration at the Anderson School of Management is interdisciplinary and aligned with the general MBA curriculum. The specialization includes courses in real estate financing, investing, and entrepreneurial real estate development. In addition, the school encourages students to complete complimentary courses in areas such as taxation, urban planning, and civil engineering. The goal of the real estate specialization is to prepare MBA students to be leaders in the real estate industry.

UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Fully Employed MBA Program

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MBA Program

Frank Roessler serves as managing principal of Ashcroft Capital in Westwood, California. With a diverse educational background, Frank Roessler holds a BS in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, which offers a number of options for those seeking an MBA.

In addition to offering a traditional MBA program, the Anderson School of Management provides a Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) program designed for those who work full-time. Within this program, the Anderson School offers three different flexible schedules, more than 20 international study options, and 50 student clubs. Classes take place on Saturdays and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and students can even choose to take online courses.

During the three-year program, FEMBA students see their earnings increase by 23 to 34 percent on average. Six to eight years after program completion, they see their earnings increase by around 137 percent.

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Real Estate Financing at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management

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UCLA Anderson


Frank Roessler founded his multi-family real estate investment firm, Ashcroft Capital, in 2014. In addition to bringing a decade of experience in asset management and multi-family acquisitions to his role, Frank Roessler had studied electrical engineering at Bucknell University and for an MBA in real estate finance at the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles.

An aspect of the broader MBA program of which it is a part, the real estate finance specialization encompasses a range of topics, including urban planning, taxation, law, civil engineering, and architecture. Students working in this specific stream are encouraged to add electives to their MBA program in order to get the range of knowledge that will help them succeed in real estate financing.

The school’s MBA program is comprised of about 50 percent electives in order to help students refine their career path and gain the specific skills they may need on that path.

AREA Prepares Anderson School of Management Students for Careers

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Anderson Real Estate Association

Ashcroft Capital founder Frank Roessler earned his MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in 2008. During his time there, Frank Roessler participated in both the Real Estate Association and the Finance Club.

At UCLA, the Anderson School of Management provides students with the education and support they need to become successful business professionals. In addition to challenging curriculum and experienced professors, Anderson students have access to an array of specialized clubs and professional groups, including the Anderson Real Estate Association, or AREA.

AREA helps students get a jump-start in their real estate sector careers through networking and self-promotion. Members learn about the industry, meet successful local professionals, and prepare for their post-grad job search. Enriching activities like job shadowing and as well as mentorship programs allow AREA members to get a real taste of the real estate world and form valuable partnerships early on.

Each year, AREA competes against teams from USC’s business school in a real estate proposal contest. Teams are assigned an existing property in the Los Angeles area, and asked to determine the best way to utilize that property. The winning team earns the prestigious silver shovel award from the sponsoring National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.