Ashcroft Capital Seeks to Maximize Real Estate Investments

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Ashcroft Capital

As founder of Ashcroft Capital LLC, Frank Roessler understands the residential real estate markets of dozens of US cities. Under Frank Roessler’s guidance, Ashcroft Capital acquires, manages, and renovates apartment complexes to achieve a maximum return on investment.

The company carefully selects the markets it works in, looking for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with desirable metrics in three categories.

First, an ideal MSA’s economy is expanding, with a gross domestic product that has outdone the national average for the most recent two years, with a dynamic present and future job growth. Second, the MSA must have an apartment vacancy rate between 7 and 9 percent. Third, residential cap rates (which compare a property’s value to the income it produces) must be average or higher, so as to provide investors with good returns from the beginning.

Ashcroft achieves these results using several strategies. It uses expense auditing, utility reimbursements, and possible changes in the local management team. Additionally, it makes internal and external improvements to increase each unit’s value. Finally, it rebrands perceptions of the property by publicizing these changes.