The Role of Financial Controls

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Ashcroft Capital


Real estate investor Frank Roessler possesses over a decade of experience in property management and development. Currently, Frank Roessler serves as the founder and managing principal of real estate investment firm Ashcroft Capital in Westwood, California.

Since its founding in 2014, Ashcroft Capital has invested in multifamily properties in growing urban areas that demonstrate a rising gross domestic product (GDP). The firm’s investment strategy is supported by an established infrastructure that includes reporting, acquisition, client and investor relations, asset management, and financial controls, among others.

In basic terms, financial controls refer to management techniques that focus on maximizing return on investment and mitigating risk. In addition to protecting against fraud, financial controls help to protect organizational assets. Moreover, managers and executives can be more confident in financial reporting when effective controls are in place. Controls often take the form of budgets, balance sheets, income statements, operating ratios, and other financial tools.