Three Pre-Purchase Real Estate Investment Considerations


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Ashcroft Capital

Frank Roessler founded and leads Ashcroft Capital, a real estate investment firm based in Westwood, California. As managing principal of the company, Frank Roessler has curated a portfolio worth over $170 million, featuring properties located throughout the state of Texas.

When professional investors consider acquiring a new multi-family real estate asset, they look at a wide range of factors to determine the profitability of the property, including the three listed below.

1. Location. Where a property is situated is arguably the most important factor to consider before making an investment. A property that is surrounded by a quality neighborhood, is within a reasonable distance to amenities, and is near a good school system is more likely to attract reliable tenants.

2. Time commitment. A lower-quality investment property can be obtained at a reduced price, but may require a professional to dedicate much of his or her time to managing the troubles that accompany it. The best real estate investments don’t require an exorbitant amount of attention to maintain.

3. Degree of risk. While all investments come with some degree of risk, an investor should seriously consider risk factors like a property’s potential for appreciation, the amount of equity he or she is buying into, and the cash fluidity of the investment before making the decision to purchase.


These Cities Are Prime for Multifamily Real Estate Investment in 2017

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Multifamily Real Estate

An MBA graduate of the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Frank Roessler is a former asset manager for M&A Real Estate Partners in Westwood, California. Today, Frank Roessler stands out as the founder of Ashcroft Capital, a real estate investment firm with a portfolio of multifamily properties located across the state of Texas.

According to an article published by Forbes earlier this year, many of the best cities to invest in multifamily or single family housing in 2017 are located in the southern half of the United States. Among the top cities for housing investments are Dallas, Texas, at number one; Jacksonville, Florida, in the number two spot; and Orlando, Florida, ranked third. Two additional cities in Texas made the top 20 list for best housing market potential this year, with Fort Worth ranking ninth and San Antonio ranking 20th.

In addition to a growing demand for multifamily housing, 2017 is also expected to bring rent growth to some cities, primarily in the western and southern parts of the country. Oakland, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; and West Palm Beach, Florida are all expected to see increases in rent prices for tenants within the next year.