Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2017

Commercial Real Estat pic

Commercial Real Estat

Frank Roessler is the founder of Ashcroft Capital, a real estate investment firm in Westwood, California. Prior to founding the firm, Frank Roessler gained experience in commercial real estate as an acquisition associate and then an asset manager for M&A Real Estate Partners, also in Westwood.

Several factors are expected to shape the commercial real estate market in 2017. Many within the industry feel optimistic about the market’s outlook.

Property values are continuing to rise, bringing them to a level nearly comparable to that of 2008. The confidence inspired by this healthy growth combined with the likelihood of lower tax rates and fewer regulations is anticipated to fuel growth in commercial real estate sectors such as multifamily housing, industry, and hospitality.

Another factor likely to influence American commercial real estate in 2017 is the continued influx of foreign investments. In 2015, US cities with the highest occurrence of foreign commercial real estate investment included New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. By September 2016, San Francisco and Phoenix had replaced Atlanta and Dallas on the list, with China representing the greatest number of foreign investors in the US.


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